Japanese Christmas Light Displays Are Simultaneously Absurd and Calming

In south Japan, Mie prefecture is rocking 7 million LED Christmas lights. Hence the awesome light tunnel above. "Illuminations" or Christmas light displays have been a big deal in Japan since the 1980s. But there's something a lot more contemplative about these lights compared to some of the spectacles in the U.S.. »12/15/13 9:23am12/15/13 9:23am


4.5 million LEDs Dazzle at Japan Winter Light Show

Last Saturday, 4.5 million LEDs lit up the Nabana no Sato theme park of Kuwana, Japan, kicking off their annual Winter Light Show that runs until March 8th. This year's theme is one of flowers, illuminated in 64 billion colors that are reported to change color so quickly that they actually resemble a river more than a… »11/17/08 10:00am11/17/08 10:00am