Off-Kilter Cube Houses Creatively Renovated Into Homes for Ex-Cons

Parts of the famously off-kilter "cube houses" project constructed back in 1984 to a design by architect Piet Blom in Rotterdam, Holland, have been transformed into new homes for 21 former prison inmates by Personal Architecture. The old, oddly angled complex has been updated with skylights and internal light-wells to… »3/10/14 12:20pm3/10/14 12:20pm


Commuters Can Park and Climb at This Unlikely Parking Garage

The next time you find yourself in need of a parking spot in Utrecht (been there!), steer yourself towards this new garage. Not only will you be able to park your car, you'll also be able to get in a little belaying practice—thanks to its two climbing walls, which run along the edge of the building's slabs. »12/12/13 7:00pm12/12/13 7:00pm

Bloomberg: Yahoo, Dell, and Google Are Dodging Taxes In the Netherlands

You associate the Netherlands with Tulips and THC, not tax-evasion, but that's exactly what some tech companies are using the country for. According to Bloomberg, Yahoo, Dell, and Google have set up offices in Holland in order to take advantage of the country's lenient tax laws and funnel millions and millions of… »1/23/13 9:43am1/23/13 9:43am

Heated Sleep Suit Uses Same Technology as Spacesuits, for Insomniacs, Not Astronauts

Dutch researchers have come up with a heated sleep suit that could help insomniacs and older people who suffer from disturbed sleeping patterns. A system of micropipes filled with water warms the patient, increasing their body temperature by just 0.4 degrees Celsius. At 35.4ºC, the body shifts from nocturnal… »2/29/08 8:27am2/29/08 8:27am

Urban Needle Box Concept Aimed at Responsible Drug Addicts, an Oxymoron if Ever There Was One

Dutch designer Hån Pham has devised the Urban Needle Box to tackle the problem of used, and possibly infected, needles lying around in public areas. A kind of pocket-sized safety box for sharps, the Zippo-lighter-sized device should be cheap to make, and looks easy to use. The concept might have just one difficulty to… »2/05/08 8:28am2/05/08 8:28am