iPhone Shoulder Holster Is Chuck Norris' Favorite Fashion Accessory

Apparently created for police detectives, construction workers, or anyone with zero sense of fashion and/or shame, the e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster is just that: A shoulder holster which, according to the manufacturer, "is designed to evolve »11/14/08 9:30am11/14/08 9:30am and adapt to the reality of constant state of change in personal…


Crocs Make Shoe-Themed Cellphone Holsters, We Wonder Why

Nurses and Doctors rejoice: you can now buy Crocs for your cellphone! Ok, so the Crocs "O-Dial" [sic] is actually a shoe-themed cellphone holster, but it is official. Why your phone would enjoy the lightness, comfiness... um, waterproofness and stain-proofness of those lovely rubbery, resinous shoes is another matter,… »3/05/08 11:49am3/05/08 11:49am