iPhone Shoulder Holster Is Chuck Norris' Favorite Fashion Accessory

Apparently created for police detectives, construction workers, or anyone with zero sense of fashion and/or shame, the e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster is just that: A shoulder holster which, according to the manufacturer, "is designed to evolve » 11/14/08 9:30am 11/14/08 9:30am and adapt to the reality of constant state of change in personal…

Crocs Make Shoe-Themed Cellphone Holsters, We Wonder Why

Nurses and Doctors rejoice: you can now buy Crocs for your cellphone! Ok, so the Crocs "O-Dial" [sic] is actually a shoe-themed cellphone holster, but it is official. Why your phone would enjoy the lightness, comfiness... um, waterproofness and stain-proofness of those lovely rubbery, resinous shoes is another matter,… » 3/05/08 11:49am 3/05/08 11:49am

Shoulder, Hip Gadget Holder: This Year's Fanny Pack

I kid, fanny packs are sweet, but these devices are actually something that could be really useful for my geeky self. The gadget shoulder holster goes around one shoulder and can hold your MP3 player, cellphone, keys, USB flash drive, or anything else. It is reported as being pretty comfortable by Thinkgeek's hired… » 3/22/07 6:15pm 3/22/07 6:15pm