You Need a Tactical Chopstick Holster When You're Serious About Sushi

If sashimi and maki are subjects you take very seriously, check out this over-the-top chopstick holster from Brandon, the incredibly talented 17-year-old behind Vanguard Armament. It ensures your personal set of chopsticks is always close at hand for those quick draw dining situations. » 10/09/12 9:20am 10/09/12 9:20am

What Gadgets Are You Carrying Right Now?

How many gadgets do you have on you right now? Empty your pockets, open your bags and, God forbid, take off those holsters and show us pictures of what you're packin' in the comments. » 9/17/09 5:00pm 9/17/09 5:00pm

iPhone Hip Holster Recharges Your Battery While Repelling the Ladies

Sheathing something as slick and pocketable as the iPhone in a holster feels wrong to me for many reasons, but this particular holster adds the handy ability to charge your drained batteries with its own rechargeable Li-ion battery back. It's good for one full charge before it » 7/31/08 10:30am 7/31/08 10:30am needs to be recharged itself. Handy, and…