You Need a Tactical Chopstick Holster When You're Serious About Sushi

If sashimi and maki are subjects you take very seriously, check out this over-the-top chopstick holster from Brandon, the incredibly talented 17-year-old behind Vanguard Armament. It ensures your personal set of chopsticks is always close at hand for those quick draw dining situations. » 10/09/12 9:20am 10/09/12 9:20am

iPhone Hip Holster Recharges Your Battery While Repelling the Ladies

Sheathing something as slick and pocketable as the iPhone in a holster feels wrong to me for many reasons, but this particular holster adds the handy ability to charge your drained batteries with its own rechargeable Li-ion battery back. It's good for one full charge before it » 7/31/08 10:30am 7/31/08 10:30am needs to be recharged itself. Handy, and…