Samsung's New Speakers Are Basically Portal Guns

Samsung says these fancy wireless speakers were created at a "state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California." We know better. They're clearly the product of Aperture Science, the secret think tank responsible for a hilarious murderous artificial intelligence, not to mention one hell of a teleportation tool. » 12/29/14 10:32pm 12/29/14 10:32pm

Samsung's 2013 Digital Audio Lineup: Old Meets New (Meets Bluetooth)

Samsung's just announced its 2013 lineup of home theater and audio devices. The new set features an interesting mix of vintage and developing technologies designed to combine classic sound with modern connectivity. » 1/05/13 10:34pm 1/05/13 10:34pm

Marshall's First Stab at Home Audio Will Rock Your Apartment Hard

Marshall branding makes anything look instantly cool: from fridges to headphones. Now you can add home audio to that list. » 9/03/12 10:00am 9/03/12 10:00am

Class Up the Joint With a Retro Internet Radio

Bells, whistles, and brushed aluminum on your home stereo are great—if you're into that sort of thing. But if you want something a bit more Mad Men and less Mad Max, check out the Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio. » 8/11/11 1:35pm 8/11/11 1:35pm

Why Your Dad's 30-Year-Old Stereo System Sounds Better Than Your New One

If you fashion yourself as an audiophile and just threw down a decent wad of cash on a new A/V receiver, you probably won't like hearing that the receivers of yesteryear produce comparable sound. Why is that? Technological advancement, ironically. » 7/27/11 9:00pm 7/27/11 9:00pm

TDK's New Boomboxes Put Their Speakers Where You Can See 'Em

TDK's handsome new boomboxes aren't about to make the common concession of putting an iPod dock front and center. Their designs are an updated take on the classic ghetto blaster: business in the front, and party in the front, too. » 12/03/10 9:20am 12/03/10 9:20am

Building a Pair of Knock-Off B&W Nautilus Speakers

It took Lluis Pujol over 400 hours to craft a pair of speakers "inspired" by this DIY job, which was itself inspired by Bowers & Wilkins $60,000 Nautilus speakers. Check out what they look when painted and polished: » 11/09/10 6:40am 11/09/10 6:40am

These Speakers Look Like Gigantic Golden Ears

These Avantgarde Trio Classico speakers look like gigantic golden ears. The frame bends in an ear-like shape and the horns act as the lobes. At $190,000, they better make my ears bleed gold though. » 11/06/10 8:00pm 11/06/10 8:00pm

The Best Speakers Under $2,000

You know who knows speakers? Audiogon, the high-end audio community knows speakers. So we asked them if it was possible to get kick-ass sound for under two G's. Their answer: a turned-up-to-eleven, room-shaking YES. » 9/16/10 1:50pm 9/16/10 1:50pm

The product line starts at $199 with the A2, a competent powered speaker that's sold as a computer…

Sonos iPad App Will Make Your Tablet a Giant Music Remote

Sonos is admired for their elegant, if expensive, wireless home audio systems, so it only feels right that soon you'll be able to turn your iPad into a $500 Sonos remote. Now why can't I do this with iTunes? » 6/22/10 12:17pm 6/22/10 12:17pm

Klipsch LightSpeakers Screw Into Light Bulb Sockets, Play Music…

These Klipsch LightSpeakers may be ugly as sin, but the idea of having speakers and LED lights in the same light bulb unit should appeal to haters of wires and unnecessary gadgetry. » 1/05/10 2:02pm 1/05/10 2:02pm

Levitate Your Stereo Like All Real Audiophiles Do With the Zero Gravity…

Why does your home stereo system sound like shit? Because it's not floating on magnets, of course. With the Zero Gravity shelf, your stereo gains powers of levitation that would be better applied to just about anything else. » 12/22/09 5:02pm 12/22/09 5:02pm

Samson Q2U Mic Is a Cheap USB/XLR Solution For Home Foley Action

You can easily make your own 1080p movies with relatively inexpensive gear at home now, but what if you want quality sound effects? Samson's (a name brand for microphones) Q2U might be your ticket for do-it-at-home Foley times. » 12/03/09 1:00pm 12/03/09 1:00pm

Olive Opus N4, Melody N2 Music Players (For Rich People) Become…

We haven't heard much from Olive since they released the pretty-but-pricey Opus and Melody music wedges last year, but that kind of cautious pace is to be expected in the high-end A/V world. Today, they've given their line a refresh. » 7/22/09 12:01pm 7/22/09 12:01pm

Creative SoundBlaster Wireless for iTunes and GigaWorks Wireless…

The Gadgets: Creative's new SoundBlaster Wireless for iTunes dongle, that shares music to little receivers around the house, and also to the GigaWorks T20W wireless-receiver speakers. » 7/16/09 6:00pm 7/16/09 6:00pm

Lightning Review: Panasonic Quadraphonic Turntable and GE 8-Track…

The Gadgets: Panasonic's SL-850 quadraphonic turntable, featuring the unusual 4.0 discrete-channel format for stereo-besting sound. (As the brochure says, "In the real world, sound comes from literally every direction.") Plus, GE's 4-Channel Receiver, with a built-in 8-track cassette player. » 7/14/09 9:00am 7/14/09 9:00am

Sony's Super iPod Dock Appears in Leaked Photos Looking Pretty Nice

Sony Insider has happened upon some leaked images of the CMT-Z100iR mini-sound system, which, if real, suggest this respectable-looking system has an iPod dock, CD player and USB port to complement the 20w speakers. » 3/05/09 8:00pm 3/05/09 8:00pm

Speaker Shelves and Storage Units Provide More Than Just Surround Sound

The concept of integrating speakers into shelving units is nothing new, but this Soundshelf design is easily the most elegant application of the idea to date. » 2/16/09 3:30pm 2/16/09 3:30pm

Meet Ken, The Amazing Dancing Audiophile

There are the snobby, deluded audiophiles who troll internet forums all day arguing about the merits of acoustic cryocoolers and adaptive spectral perceptual entropy coding, and then there's Ken. » 1/30/09 9:20am 1/30/09 9:20am