Buzz In Guests Remotely With August Smart Lock's New Internet Hub 

While I personally prefer an auto-lock that doesn't connect to the Internet and expose my home network to the antics of script kiddies, in today's connected home that's isn't always a viable option. Luckily, August's new Smart Lock hardware lets you have it both ways. » 1/07/15 1:00pm 1/07/15 1:00pm

Ivee Sleek Review: The Dumbest Smart Clock Money Can Buy

August Smart Lock Review: A Great Lock that Moves With You

Smart locks, along with intelligent lights, are the standard bearers for today's home automation movement with some of the biggest names in security—looking at you Schlage and Kwikset — offering internet-connected locks. But a San Francisco-based upstart may have just beaten these industry titans at their own game. » 10/14/14 10:00am 10/14/14 10:00am

What Everyone's Getting Wrong About Home Automation

The SwannOne Hub Controls Your Entire House from a Single App

Being able to control virtually everything in your home with just a few taps on a mobile device is fantastically convenient, except when you have to flip between a bunch of different apps for each individual device. But Swann's new universal hub wants to help you run the entirety of your connected home from just one… » 9/30/14 2:00pm 9/30/14 2:00pm

The Latest Smart Thermostat Knows When You're Away from Home

Smart home thermostats are becoming quite common and, for the Nest at least, downright popular. But most of these systems only monitor from one direction—that is, the user remotely checking the home. The new Wi-Fi-equipped Ecobee 3 system, however, works both ways; the device is watching its watchers with remote… » 9/16/14 8:00am 9/16/14 8:00am

Give Your Home a Brain with Today's Amazon Gold Box Deal

If you're smart home-curious, Belkin's WeMo line of outlet and light switches is a great gateway drug into the world of home automation, and several of the most popular models are on sale right now. » 9/03/14 8:45am 9/03/14 8:45am

A Simple Wristband That Controls Every Gadget In Your House

The Clapper may have been little more than a joke in its day, but it's stuck around for a reason: Simple home automation is the basis of our Jetsons-fueled dream. And Reemo—a combination wristband, receiver, and nothing else—is pretty damn close to nailing it. » 6/27/14 4:20pm 6/27/14 4:20pm

Report: Apple's Home Automation System May Be Simpler Than You'd Hope

GigaOm has a report on Apple's forthcoming connected home system. According to the site, it might be a hell of a lot simpler—and perhaps disappointing—than we expected. » 5/29/14 3:49pm 5/29/14 3:49pm

Three Awesome New Hues That Will Light Up Your Living Room

Philips has announced the upcoming release of three new products in the Hue lighting ecosystem: a streamlined and dimming white light, a kinetic-powered control panel, and a 3D-printed lamp that will sure to become the centerpiece of any room. » 3/28/14 12:01am 3/28/14 12:01am

Belkin's WeMo Smart LED Bulbs Put the Light Switch On Your Phone

Belkin continues its pursuit of making home automation a simple plug-and-play affair with the introduction of its new Smart LED lightbulbs to its WeMo line. The 60-watt equivalent bulbs produce 800 lumens and cast a warm 3000 Kelvin glow across a room—so they should satisfy even those who've stocked up on incandescent… » 1/05/14 7:30pm 1/05/14 7:30pm

Honeywell's New Voice-Activated Thermostat Brings Comfort to the Lazy

It never fails. The moment you finally get comfortable under your covers is the moment you realize that you haven't turned down the thermostat. Rather than choose between a toe-stubbing trek through darkened halls or sweating through the night, check out Honeywell's new voice-activated thermostat. You stay snuggled… » 9/19/13 8:00am 9/19/13 8:00am

Your Xbox One Is Going to Control Your Entire Home Someday

Yesterday's Xbox One premier was a blazing hailstorm of announcements, each one more tantalizing than the next. And while all the new bells and whistles were exciting in and of themselves, the real endgoal, as FastCo. Design uncovered, probably won't be hitting us for another few years: a totally connected, totally… » 5/22/13 1:42pm 5/22/13 1:42pm

5 Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Universal Remote

Controlling your home theater system used to be easy—you simply told your kid to turn the knob and presto, Honeymooners. But today's home theater packed with feature-rich TVs, cable boxes, AV receivers, and streaming boxes—and all demanding their own remotes—there's no way the little guy can keep up. Instead, replace… » 3/11/13 2:00pm 3/11/13 2:00pm

Watch Siri Turn Into a Home Automation Master With the Help Of…

With home automation being all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before Siri got her little, occasionally holier-than-thou claws into the action. All it took was YouTube user Elvis Impersonator, a Raspberry Pi, and enough trust in Siri's goodness to believe she won't devolve into a Hal 9000 wannabe. » 2/06/13 3:40pm 2/06/13 3:40pm

Iris Care Lets You Know When Your Parents Have Fallen and Can't Get Up

The Iris home security and energy monitor system from Lowes now does more than just track your water and electricity usage. The company has just rolled out its newest service aimed at America's aging population, Iris Care. » 1/06/13 7:32pm 1/06/13 7:32pm

Iris Home Energy and Security Monitor Review: Your House, Safer and…

Manual locks and dumb thermostats are old technology in our internet-connected world. With a Wi-Fi connection and an hour of free time, you can put home security and climate controls online—and give your home a brain. » 11/26/12 4:00pm 11/26/12 4:00pm

Belkin's WeMo Baby Monitor Turns Your iPhone Into a Nanny

We weren't exactly blown away with Belkin's WeMo home automation system, but for just $90 its new Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Baby sounds like an affordable way to keep tabs on your kids. It turns your iOS devices into portable baby monitors that work anywhere on earth—at least anywhere you have a mobile internet connection. » 10/17/12 10:20am 10/17/12 10:20am

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion Review: A Gadget That Actually Makes Your…

Home automation is stylish, but hard to set up. So the Belkin WeMo system, which simplifies the whole thing with a smartphone app, should be great, right? Wrong. So wrong. Very wrong. » 10/02/12 4:20pm 10/02/12 4:20pm

How To Use the Internet to Water Your Plants

Keeping a garden lush all summer is a lot of work. You're traveling. You're busy. It's hot out there. But technology offers the equivalent of a remote control watering can that you control from the couch. Here's how to wire up your yard to keep it thriving when you can't get out back to do it yourself. » 7/23/12 3:40pm 7/23/12 3:40pm