Sony's Bravia Theater RHT-G500 3.1-Channel Hi-Fi is a TV Stand Too

Stand your precious new HDTV on a simple, old-fashioned plank of wood? No, that's way too low-tech... or at least you might think so after seeing Sony's RHT-G500. It's an "invisible home cinema" TV stand. "A TV stand with a product code?" you might ask. Yes. And an integrated 3.1-channel audio system with S-Force PRO… » 8/06/08 4:08am 8/06/08 4:08am

White House Home Theater Reveals Laura Bush's Bordello Tastes

This is what the Prez and his people watch their Chuck Norris movies in: the White House home theater. It's, er, very red, isn't it? The refurb was overseen by Laura Bush in 2004, who was, apparently, inspired by turn-of-the-last century movie palaces. Another shot, plus the magnolia hell that was its previous… » 2/27/08 7:13am 2/27/08 7:13am

Panasonic PT-AX200E Home Cinema Projector Features "Game Mode"

Panasonic's new PT-AX200E Home Cinema Projector is putting (wealthy) gamers in the forefront thanks to a "Game Mode" that promises a "life sized" experience. In Game Mode, signal processing is optimized to HD game content, which supposedly reduces response time from 15ms to 5ms. Panasonic also claims that the mode… » 10/22/07 5:40pm 10/22/07 5:40pm

Ears-On with JBL's $300,000 Home Cinema Set-Up with 9.6 Surround Sound (Verdict: OMFGIWANTONE)

We had the pleasure of listening to the new JBL's Project Everest Everest DD66000 speakers plus a few other important-sounding things, but, frankly, they had us at "$40,000 per speaker." Where were we? In JBL's rather impressive home cinema that cost $300,000 to build —including 6TB of storage for DVDs, their lowest… » 9/02/07 6:00pm 9/02/07 6:00pm