Philips Makes Pronto Home Control Mega-Remote More Mega: TSU9800

It's been a long while since we mentioned Philips range of Pronto home »8/28/08 4:52am8/28/08 4:52am remote systems, but Philips hasn't forgotten them: it's been making the mega-remotes even more mega with the upcoming TSU9800. With a bigger touchscreen (6.4-inches, folks), and an dock that also does ambient lighting, it can also be mounted on the…


CEDIA 2006: HomeLogic Controlling Everything From UMPC, Motorola Q, Too

HomeLogic has finally found a suitable task for ultra mobile PCs (UMPC), those solutions looking for a problem that have been pretty much useless up until now. Why not run the all-encompassing HomeLogic OneHome home control software on a UMPC? Heck, the Samsung Q1 shown here can do everything the HomeLogic's own… »9/15/06 9:55am9/15/06 9:55am