Acoustic Research Home Decor Hides Away Those Speakers, No One's The…

Most of us like to flaunt our techno-gear, letting it sit right out there in the open for all to see and covet. But if you're looking for more subtle approach than covering your speakers with cheesy paintings, Acoustic Research Home Decor gives you the HD510, a home theater speaker system that can be camouflaged in a… » 2/23/07 12:15pm 2/23/07 12:15pm

The itbed: Why Sleep on the Floor When You Can Sleep on Cardboard?

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to sleep over at your buddy's house, only to find him pointing to a stack of week-old newspapers, i.e., your bed for the night? Of course you have. Next time, consider the itbed, a foldable bed made entirely out of 7mm (0.27 in.) -thick cardboard. The zigzag look of the… » 5/12/06 12:34pm 5/12/06 12:34pm