Disappearing Pool Table Adds Secret Agent Awesomeness To Your Game Room

Everybody knows that no real bachelor pad is complete without a pool table, but if you want f@$#ing awesome »10/09/08 2:30am10/09/08 2:30am bachelor pad status, you gotta have it rise from the floor James Bond-style. This ridiculous mod uses a side-sliding trap door in the floor and a hydraulic lift to make a pool table appear where there was…

Acoustic Research Home Decor Hides Away Those Speakers, No One's The Wiser

Most of us like to flaunt our techno-gear, letting it sit right out there in the open for all to see and covet. But if you're looking for more subtle approach than covering your speakers with cheesy paintings, Acoustic Research Home Decor gives you the HD510, a home theater speaker system that can be camouflaged in a… »2/23/07 12:15pm2/23/07 12:15pm