British Designer Makes Insane Looking Chairs Out of Hard-To-Recycle Trash

British designer Osian Batyka-Williams has gone on a recycling bent, turning unwanted, but hard to reuse objects into unique, if not particularly comfortable looking chair designs. For instance, his cutlery chair draws attention to the fact that some restaurants change their cutlery as often as every nine months,… »10/30/08 1:00am10/30/08 1:00am

The Line System Creates All Your Furniture With A Single Line

The Line is a funky furniture system that uses a single unbroken line of metal to create an entire home furniture set-including a lamp, a work table, a hanger, a bookshelf, a wine rack, a CD rack and a TV unit. Made by Aykut Erol, the system is supposed to "extend infinitely with a single line regenerating itself."… »6/22/08 5:30pm6/22/08 5:30pm