Extra Big Ass Speaker Gallery

We've been running up and down the stairs at the Grand Hyatt, at one point getting totally lost in some labyrinthine maintenance hall, a la Spinal Tap. The elevators are packed with the gentlemen we described in our first post talking about tube amplification, something called "ambiophonic sound" and the relative… » 5/11/07 5:08pm 5/11/07 5:08pm

Home Entertainment Show 2007, or If It's Not $100,000, It's Crrrrrap!

The increasingly unaptly named Home Entertainment Show opened its doors today in NYC at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal (now through Sunday, $25-$35). I say that because there are no TVs, or indeed any video technologies, on display. No projectors, no mention of DVDs, let alone HD DVD or Blu-ray. In fact,… » 5/11/07 4:20pm 5/11/07 4:20pm

Up Close and Personal with Krell's $1,200 iPod Dock

Looking for a way to pamper your iPod? Audio giant Krell showed off its first ever iPod dock at the Home Entertainment Show 2007 in New York today. The $1,200 dock (which is the most expensive iPod accessory out there) was just finished yesterday. Krell reps affectionately call it "The Kid." To serious audiophiles… » 5/11/07 4:08pm 5/11/07 4:08pm