The Curves of This Sofa Can Be Used to Graph Out Our Lust For It

Sometimes something as simple as a pile of metal frames and cushions can be so inexplicably appealing that we can't stop thinking about it. This curved frame sofa was one of those things and we even graphed out our thoughts: » 3/16/10 12:20am 3/16/10 12:20am

Like a Swiss Army Knife, This Wooden Shelf Folds Out to Reveal Multiple…

Why hang up multiple shelves for keys, knick knacks and whatever else, when you can combine them all into one supershelf? Dubbed the "Mexican Army Shelf", this multi-faceted shelf concept attempts to answer that question. » 4/28/09 10:00pm 4/28/09 10:00pm

Hanging Man Lamp Will Knot Brighten Your Day

I'm not a big fan of subtlety, so when I saw Monday's noose lamp » 10/22/08 12:35am 10/22/08 12:35am, I set out in search of something even more morbid. Lo and behold, the Colgao table lamp from enPieza! Studio in Spain, which really leaves nothing to the imagination. While the noose lamp could have been taken as an invitation to hang out, Colgao's…

Side-On Cutlery Makes It Almost Safe to Eat at Your Aunt's Grimy House

The germaphobe in us always freaks out a little bit when we see silverware lying on a bare table, either at someone else's house or a restaurant. (Our own table is a chemical-cleaner-scorched wasteland.) So we hope that eventually all silverware will be like Jens-Martin Skibsted's designs for Side-On Cutlery, which… » 9/14/07 11:51am 9/14/07 11:51am

Reinforce your Bedside Table, Here Comes the Litracube Lamp

Litracon, or translucent concrete, has been around for a couple of years now, but its inventor, Hungarian architect ron Losonczi, is going one further by making a lamp out of it. Called the Litracube, it measures seven inches and weighs over 10 kilos. It'll cost you a hefty 570 ($763) plus the shipping from Hungary. [ » 8/17/07 6:49am 8/17/07 6:49am