Side-On Cutlery Makes It Almost Safe to Eat at Your Aunt's Grimy House

The germaphobe in us always freaks out a little bit when we see silverware lying on a bare table, either at someone else's house or a restaurant. (Our own table is a chemical-cleaner-scorched wasteland.) So we hope that eventually all silverware will be like Jens-Martin Skibsted's designs for Side-On Cutlery, which… »9/14/07 11:51am9/14/07 11:51am

Reinforce your Bedside Table, Here Comes the Litracube Lamp

Litracon, or translucent concrete, has been around for a couple of years now, but its inventor, Hungarian architect ron Losonczi, is going one further by making a lamp out of it. Called the Litracube, it measures seven inches and weighs over 10 kilos. It'll cost you a hefty 570 ($763) plus the shipping from Hungary. [ »8/17/07 6:49am8/17/07 6:49am