Sanyo ALBO Digital Picture Frame is Handsome, Like George Jetson

Sanyo knows that some of us are still upset that the futuristic fictional universe of The Jetsons »10/28/08 7:23am10/28/08 7:23am doesn't look like it'll come to pass, so they've thrown us a bone: a Wi-Fi digital picture frame that looks like it came straight out of Jane Jetson's foyer. The innards are pretty unexciting , with Windows CE and 256mb…

Light-Up LED Furniture is Sticky, Disco, But You Can Call It Stardust

This lightweight furniture by Meritalia is so light you can pick it up with one hand, and so light that you can probably read by it. Designed by Mario Bellini, and made of plastic "ravioli," the stuff often found in packaging, LEDs and inox wire, Stardust furniture can be used by the pool, in the pool (well, it says… »5/19/08 7:30am5/19/08 7:30am

El Luminoso Rug Uses Wool and LEDs to Bring the Galaxy to Your Floor

Designed by Esti Barnes, El Luminoso is a made-to-measure carpet that mixes LEDs into the pile. Given that the last rugs I writhed upon with gay abandon wrote about were the Wurst rugs, a selection of sausage-inspired floor coverings that looked like a pool of puke, Esti's design is bleedin' gawjus. No idea of the… »4/08/08 6:57am4/08/08 6:57am

Brain Lamp is New Gizmodo Leader, Future Galactic Emperor

When I saw this come up in my RSS feeds, I thought it said Brian Lam, and so I got rather excited. I was, however, (as I so frequently am) wrong. This lamp is the brainchild of Alexander Lervik, who had an MR scan done in Stockholm of his own grey matter, before printing up the results on a 3-D printer. "Yes," he says… »3/27/08 6:56am3/27/08 6:56am

Intravenous Lamp Turns Your Home Into a Prescription Drug Den

The Lichtinfusion lamp from Christian Maas makes me think of the best insults you can lob at someone who spends too long in front of the mirror (it's too rude for the first para, I'm afraid). With the power cables disguised as the rubber tubes that would normally feed sick little puppies like me their daily dose of… »3/18/08 12:20pm3/18/08 12:20pm

Electroscape LED Fireplace Brings the Aurora Borealis to Your Crib

The Electroscape fireplace from Platonics has a remote-controlled LED lighting system built in. Ahh—nothing warms you up on a frosty 21st Century morn better than some funky LED lights that you can mix, from single color to multicolored, from the cozy comfort of your armchair. You can even specify what arty "fire"… »2/22/08 7:08am2/22/08 7:08am

Vile Mortadella Rug Gives Excuse to Say 'Hide the Sausage' in a Headline

Number two in an occasional series of crazy things to do with meat, this is Mortadella, one of four sausage-inspired rugs. The others in the series are (below, from left) Blood Sausage, Bierschinken and Salami. Made in Germany and available online, I think I can safely say that it's one of the Wurst rugs I've ever… »2/14/08 11:45am2/14/08 11:45am

Expected Curtain Gives the Lonely Friends to Come Home to

Designed by Mino Kodama, the Expected Curtain is a sort of instant virtual posse, aimed individuals who either have no friends, or who are plagued by stalkers*. Hang the curtain in your window and, while the three shadowy "friends" won't show up during the day (thus making your neighbors fear you are a work-shy fop… »12/10/07 1:13pm12/10/07 1:13pm

World's Most Expensive Chair Looks Like an Uncomfortable Metal Jelly Bean

This "lounger" composed of aluminum and fiberglass is to set go for between $1.6 million and $2.4 million at auction next month at Christie's in London. While The Sun's headline proclaims the chair to be a "million pounds of comfort," the key word in the "fluid aluminum form" envisioned by its designer, Marc Newson,… »9/16/07 11:30am9/16/07 11:30am

Every Pig's Worst Nightmare: A Barbecue Shaped Like a Pig

Pork is essentially synonymous with barbecue in my area of the South, so the Lil' Pig barbecue from Traeger makes sense in a creepy meta-way if you can get past the doe-eyed cuteness. The grill boasts 418 sq. inches of cooking surface, an internal hopper, a stainless steel door handle and a multi-position digital… »5/18/07 1:40pm5/18/07 1:40pm