Gifts For Agoraphobes Who Really Prefer the Indoors

Some of the geeks you know may say they prefer the sun and air, but at least a third of them are lying. Here are the types of gifts those people want. I should know; I'm one of them. » 11/18/09 5:00pm 11/18/09 5:00pm

Delightfully Eccentric Lamps Make Use of Obsolete Technology

These two beautifully quirky lamps were fashioned out of obsolete technology, including aircraft compasses, railroad signal switching relays and stainless-steel ink cylinders. Creative recycling is so awesome. » 2/20/09 1:15am 2/20/09 1:15am

Daywriter Nightwriter Shelves Help You Write Pretty Passive Aggressive…

Billing itself as interactive furniture, this Daywriter/Nightwriter functions both as a shelf and a dry-erase board. It also seems like a great way to make passive aggressive notes towards your roommates look vaguely artistic. » 1/20/09 1:30am 1/20/09 1:30am

Hong Kong Architect Turns 344-Square-Foot Space into Ultimate…

Hong Kong architect and technophile Gary Chang has the most amazing apartment. His 344-square-foot space can be shifted into at least 24 different layouts, using a funhouse's worth of sliding walls and detachable shelving. » 1/16/09 12:40am 1/16/09 12:40am

Foldable Kitchens, Offices and Bedrooms Optimize Tiny Living Spaces

In case you're one of those poor souls residing in a room the size of someone's walk-in closet, here's a sweet innovation from the Land of Lack-of-Space, Japan. The Kenchikukagu, designed by Toshihiko Suzuki for Atelier OPA, is a series of “rooms” that can be folded and wheeled away for easy storage. The line… » 10/02/08 3:15am 10/02/08 3:15am