Mad genius creates a crazy super drone flying machine using 54 propellers

Man can’t fly but with the help of 54 drone propellers and an umbrella to protect the ol’ noggin, man can kind of fly. This mad genius made what he calls, The Swarm, which is essentially a lawn chair strapped to some metal bars and 54 counter-rotation propellers and six grouped control channels with Hobbyking… »9/01/15 1:21pm9/01/15 1:21pm


Making a homemade carbon fiber hydrofoil and kiteboard is really impressive

I know next to nothing about kiteboarding and have a negative amount of knowledge when it comes to making your own carbon fiber hydrofoil and board but after watching Mat put together his gear, I felt like I’ve learned everything. There is so much cutting and sanding and drilling and layering the carbon fiber and… »8/19/15 9:30pm8/19/15 9:30pm

Shooting brown sludge from a cannon in slow motion is so much gross fun

It’s abundantly clear now that a slow motion camera is probably the funnest toy a bored suburban kid could ever ask for. Anything you do is immediately more gross, epic, impressive, sillier and just plain funner-er than real life. You could just load up a homemade cannon with brown sludge and ketchup and shoot it at… »6/26/15 6:43pm6/26/15 6:43pm

Holy Wow This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything

On the list of comic book hero abilities I dream about magically waking up with one day, Wolverine's claws were probably squeezed right between Superman's flying and Bruce Wayne's women. One of those have practically become reality. These steel Wolverine claws are so fantastically perfect that you could fight… »7/15/13 9:00pm7/15/13 9:00pm

The Ingenuity of Thailand During Their Massive Flood Is Very Impressive

I don't want to make light of a tragedy because the floods in Thailand have been worse than imaginable. The flooding has killed over 500 people, caused $5 billion in damage and has been ongoing since mid-summer. It's a sad, sad state of life. But instead of giving up, the people of Thailand are adapting. And it's… »11/16/11 8:00pm11/16/11 8:00pm

Homemade Wasp Sucking Machine Creates a Wasp Holocaust

If you spot a hole in the side of your house that a bunch of wasps are constantly going in and out of, obviously building a nest, what do you do? Do you get a can of Raid and spray it in there and hope you don't get stung? Do you just stay the hell away from where all those scary wasps are hanging out? Or do you build… »11/11/08 11:30am11/11/08 11:30am

Homemade Iron Man Suit Can Probably Kick Real Tony's Ass (Tony From the Pizza Place)

While the nightmarish beer-belly-ready Iron Man suit was WRONG and disturbing, this homemade version of the original suit is a perfect reproduction of the original. And still disturbing. As you can see in the gallery, it's perfectly made, with the same finish and every single detail of the real Iron Man suit, down to… »7/28/08 3:00pm7/28/08 3:00pm

LeaveMeAloneBox is Douglas Adams-esque in Its Simplicity

Inspired by Claude Shannon and Marvin Minsky's Ultimate Machine, the LeaveMeAloneBox is made of a couple of hobby R/C servos, a switch, a microcontroller, and a battery pack, all contained in a little box and with a sprinkling of code. "I get a pretty consistent reaction," says Michael, the guy who made it. "First no… »4/24/08 10:45am4/24/08 10:45am

Wacky Afghan Engineer Develops Remote Controlled Kalashnikov Burglar Alarm

The infamous Kalashnikov has a long and illustrious history of murder and mayhem, which makes it the perfect centerpiece for a contraption developed by unemployed Afghan electrical engineer Hanif Molavizadeh. With only a small movement outside his window, the device will trigger a "song like warning." It will then… »4/14/08 8:00pm4/14/08 8:00pm

Homemade Conan the Barbarian Booby Trap Almost Stabs Verizon Agent to Death

Long Island is a dangerous place, filled with bad accents and crazy people wandering around, like Verizon technicians. Eric Stetz knows mere deadbolts won't keep them out. No, you've gotta get medieval, Conan the Barbarian style. So he built a booby trap out of a massive knife, crutch and elastic trip-cord to poke… »4/08/08 3:55pm4/08/08 3:55pm

DIY Alphanumeric Password Generator. Verdict: Pretty 4UC387G Useful

How secure are your passwords? Probably not very. The guys over at Popsci have a neat partial solution to that problem: a DIY alphanumeric random password generator. Made with an Olimex AVR development board and some custom software, the gizmo produces 16-character passcodes on its LCD at the press of a button. No… »4/04/08 9:04am4/04/08 9:04am