Roxio Creator 2011 Lets You Convert 2D Home Movies and Family Photos…

The newest iteration of Roxio's do-everything software bundle, Creator, will take home movies into the third dimension—it includes tools for managing, editing, and sharing 3D content and even lets users convert existing 2D photos and video into 3D. » 8/24/10 8:35am 8/24/10 8:35am

Comcast to Stream New Theater Releases to Your Home for $50/Movie

Don't wanna pay $12 to see Spider-Man 3 in theaters? The folks at Comcast wanna stream the movie straight to your living room provided you pay 'em between $29 to $49/per movie. That's right, for the price of a movie ticket and the DVD, Comcast will stream new releases to your home. » 5/14/07 6:10pm 5/14/07 6:10pm