The First Full-Sized Microphone Arrives for the iPad and iPhone

Sure, the iPhone and iPad have microphones, and there are mini-microphone accessories out there for the devices, but what about a full-sized mic? IK Multimedia thinks there's a need for one, offering up the iRig Mic as a solution. » 1/28/11 7:20pm 1/28/11 7:20pm

Shure Hits Home Recording with First USB Mics PG27USB and PG42USB and…

Anybody who has ever recorded in studio or garage knows that "Shure" spells "microphone." This year, they finally get into the USB mic action with PG27USB and PG42USB, plus the X2u USB mic adapter. » 1/06/09 12:00pm 1/06/09 12:00pm