Hands-On With the $25,000 ITC All-in-One Home Entertainment System

SE2 Labs let us have a look at the ITC One, an integrated movie, TV, gaming and music system announced last year. The all-in-one approach purports to simplify setting up a high-end home entertainment system easier by cramming everything you could imagine into an expensive box. The concept is interesting, but so is the… »6/19/08 8:00pm6/19/08 8:00pm

JVC DD-3 DivX Networked Home Theater Unboxed, Groped Then Re-boxed (Gallery Included)

Recently I got all excited about a pretty cool-looking networked 3.1 home theater system from JVC. Since it seems most of the innovative networked products are coming from brands that aren't as easy to find at Best Buy, and since JVC said it supported a wide range of file formats including DivX, I called it in to… »4/29/07 7:00pm4/29/07 7:00pm