Vibrating Home Theater Seats Are Another Reason To Skip the Cinema

To combat piracy, giant screen TVs, surround sound setups, and a wealth of streaming movies available at home, movie theaters have been pulling out all the stops to entice people back to the cinema. 3D failed miserably, but vibrating seats have gained some traction. Unfortunately for theaters, Tremor FX has now … »9/24/13 11:05am9/24/13 11:05am

Is Watching a First-Run Movie From Your Couch Worth $35,000?

We first brought word of Prima's audacious plans to let movie buffs enjoy first-run titles from the comfort of their home theaters for $500 a flick back in 2010. But it looks like the company is finally rolling out the service, with a hardware price tag that's risen from $20,000 to $35,000. Really sweetens the deal,… »11/29/12 11:50am11/29/12 11:50am

Money Can't Buy Taste: The Tackiest $150,000 Home Theater You'll Ever See

When tacky rich people Tony and Penny Caciolo planned out their home theater setup, apparently they decided they wanted it to be an homage of their favorite place on Earth: the Italy section of Epcot at Disney World. At least that's what it looks like. This horrifying setup comes complete with fake storefronts and… »6/16/08 11:32am6/16/08 11:32am

Sony HT-7200HD, HT-SS2300, HT-CT100 and HT-DDWG700 Home-Theaters-in-a-Box Are Built for Blu-ray

If Sony exists for anything, it's synergy, so its latest quickie home theaters are made to match its Blu-ray players—you'll notice only one of this fourfer has an upscaling DVD player—you've gotta bring the vid (Blu-ray) goods (Blu-ray) yourself. The $400 5.1 HT-SS2300 is the top audio-only, which pumps out 1000W and… »2/26/08 3:00am2/26/08 3:00am

Batcave Home Theater is an Ideal Location to Make Out With Catwoman

Q: What could possibly be better than making out with Catwoman? A: Making out with Catwoman in a Batcave inspired home theater. Although the guys at Elite HTS may not be able to help you pinpoint Catwoman, they have done a hell of a job at recreating the Batcave for your movie viewing/making out pleasure. We don't… »1/19/08 12:00pm1/19/08 12:00pm