Get Presidentially Drunk Off the White House Micro Brew

We have an super cool president—last year he bought the chefs at Pennsylvania Ave. some homebrewing kits, which yielded what the brewmasters thought was some really delicious beer. And now, hail to the chief, the White House has released the recipes for the official Honey Porter and Honey Ale so you can make them at… »9/20/12 6:00pm9/20/12 6:00pm

The Home Brewing Laboratory of Every Beer Drinker's Dreams

There's a beer nirvana in Pennsylvania, and it's in a shed. The HammerSmith Ale House and Brewery, a slice of heaven near the Delaware River, was designed by Chris Bowen—a beer enthusiast, beer historian, and certified beer judge. Bowen always loved cooking for friends. Eight years ago, he tried his hand at making… »4/18/12 3:21pm4/18/12 3:21pm

Synergy Home Beer Brewing System: Mr. Beer's Rich, Crazy Uncle

If you're a fan of brewing your own beer—which, hey, it's about time you were—you can't do it much better or more expensively than this. The Synergy Home Brewing System is a $1900 beer behemoth, featuring 304 stainless steel, two 155,000 BTU propane burners, a 20 PSI high pressure regulator, and room for more hops… »4/01/11 1:00pm4/01/11 1:00pm