R/C Stoner Van Streams Live Video While Truckin' (Video)

Built and demonstrated by our very own Nick McGlynn, this webcam-mounted R/C Volkswagen bus streams video live via a hidden Sony Vaio laptop with Sprint EV-DO card. Unfortunately for Nick, the camera is fixed facing forward, limiting its upskirt potential. Oh well, there's always V(W) 2.0. [Justin.tv]
» 11/12/07 9:31am 11/12/07 9:31am

LED Hat Makes You Look Like Retro Gaming D-Bag

We applaud the craftsmanship of this homemade LED hat, especially the nerd-core Space Invaders and Pac Man animations, but seriously, I think there's a reason the digital milliner is never shown actually wearing the hat. CORRECTION: For 2 seconds at the very end, you do see him wearing the hat. I rest my case. [Hacked… » 10/18/07 7:30pm 10/18/07 7:30pm