The fascinating underworld living in flood channels beneath Las Vegas

Around 400 people live inside the flood channels underneath Las Vegas and it's such a fascinating underworld that is so different from the neon-lit indulgence and styrofoam opulence that Sin City is known for. Matthew O'Brien has been visiting the community for 12 years and takes a tour of it in this video. »3/27/15 10:05am3/27/15 10:05am

Dang, people don't notice the homeless even when they're family members

To most people living in cities around the world, the homeless have essentially become invisible. They blend into the streets, they're background noise, they're just a part of the fabric of a city like buildings and street lights and crosswalks. Only... they're human. Just like us. To prove how invisible the homeless… »4/23/14 8:41pm4/23/14 8:41pm

Homeless New Yorkers Are Living Inside the Manhattan Bridge

We've all heard of the lengths to which NYC's homeless have gone to find shelter, from living in abandoned factories to building whole encampments inside subway tunnels. But a report from the New York Post goes one step further, describing how people are now making homes out of small nooks and crannies between the… »4/14/14 4:40pm4/14/14 4:40pm

Squatters Live in a 45-Story Skyscraper with No Elevator. They Have DirecTV Though

Squatters in Venezuela have found a home in an unfinished 45-story skyscraper in Venezuela. They call their home the "Tower of David", after the financier who tried to build it in the '90s. People live up to the 28th floor in the elevator-less building and have jury-rigged electricity and water to every inhabited… »3/05/11 9:00pm3/05/11 9:00pm

Homeless Genius Bar Worker Doesn't Think Your Broken iPod is a Life Crisis

Andy Bussell works as a Genius at an Apple Store in California by day. By night, he is homeless. It's not that Apple doesn't pay livable wages - no, Andy is homeless by choice. He decided to start sleeping in his truck once he realized he was wasting all his money on rent and had credit card and school bills burying… »2/21/07 1:30pm2/21/07 1:30pm