When Did Humidifiers Start Looking So Fancy?

The Stadler Form William Ultrasonic Humidifier seems like it might actually be worth its $230 price tag. The oddly gorgeous gadget can quietly fight off the dry winter air in an area of up to 1,000 square feet. » 12/14/10 7:20pm 12/14/10 7:20pm

Feed This Butterfly A Few AAA Batteries And It'll Live Forever

This electronic butterfly will flutter around its jar forever to add some cheer to your desk as long as you feed it some AAA batteries occasionally. Basically, unlike a real captive butterfly, it'll never let you down or desert you. » 12/08/10 4:40pm 12/08/10 4:40pm

Turn Your Office Chair Into An Office Bed In Seconds

If every office chair converted into a narrow bed-like furniture item like this, I'd be in heaven—there'd finally be an excuse for all those accidental office naps. » 12/07/10 12:20am 12/07/10 12:20am

Every Homeowner Should Install A Pneumatic Sliding Door Like This

I'm not a Trekkie, but even I can appreciate the wonders of a Star Trek style pneumatic sliding door—especially the fact that it's a biometric security system away from being the ultimate geeky home modification. » 12/06/10 9:00pm 12/06/10 9:00pm

Nearly Everything Looks Better at a 45 Degree Angle

Designer Jaren Goh is a very clever man. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to design an eye-catching lamp, he simply made a fairly normal one and twisted it to a 45 degree angle. Result? A gorgeous desk accessory. » 12/06/10 7:40pm 12/06/10 7:40pm

The Trouble With Robot Cleaners

Most of us are familiar with this fellow. He's a cute little robot vacuum who'll zip around your home to keep things tidy. He's got plenty of quirks and troubles though—something his competition is trying to avoid. » 9/03/10 2:00am 9/03/10 2:00am

The Bouncy Bathroom Sink Made From Recycled Tires

This is Rubbish, a bathroom sink created using a 1/8-inch thick elastic sheet made with recycled tires designed by Santa Monica-based design studio Minarc. » 8/30/10 9:00pm 8/30/10 9:00pm