Icono Finger Phone Puts the 'Hand' in 'Handset'

Designer Zinc Chan's Icono Finger phone concept is confusing: it's a phone inspired by a hand gesture, which was originally inspired a phone. By capping your thumb and little finger with a D cell-looking mic and speaker, the Icono converts your hand into a piece of hardware, leaving it stuck in a position that… » 10/17/08 6:50am 10/17/08 6:50am

Hands On With OpenPeak's Atom-Powered Home Media Phone

Slotting an Atom into a home phone » 8/21/08 6:40pm 8/21/08 6:40pm just sounds plain ridiculous, but the is more than just a VoIP handset and base station. The base station (which doubles as a speaker phone) has its own software platform, developed in flash and furnished with a full API, and serves many purposes of a PC in a picture frame-sized…

Lightning Review: T-Mobile's @Home VoIP Phone Line

The Gadget: T-Mobile @Home, a phone service for T-Mobile customers hooks your standard home telephone over the internet to make unlimited nationwide calls for just $10 a month on top of your current wireless bill. It's similar to the Hotspot@Home service which uses a cellphone for home calls, but only for home phones. » 6/25/08 12:00am 6/25/08 12:00am