Simpsons World: Every Simpsons Episode Ever, Online For Free (Sort Of)

Until now, Simpsons fans have been relegated to rewatching old episodes on grubby DVDs or downloading them one-by-one on iTunes. A new portal called Simpsons World will launch in October that will allow anyone to browse episodes and share clips—however, to actually watch all the episodes, your cable plan will have to… » 7/21/14 4:00pm 7/21/14 4:00pm

Giant Homer Head Radio

It's just an AM/FM radio. It doesn't go "Doh!" or "WooHoo!" or sing "Spiderpig, Spiderpig!"But somehow, this giant Homer head radio, almost a foot tall, is good enough to make me think about buying it. » 8/16/07 8:05pm 8/16/07 8:05pm

Homer Simpson Robosapien Caught on Video

In the realm of horrible Simpsons knockoff toys, this Homer Simpson Robosapien has to be one of the worst ever. Shall we count the things wrong with it? First, it's not even the real Homer's voice. Second, well, it's a piece of crap. Watch the video to see Shiny Shiny struggle to get the thing to work. [Shiny Shiny] » 8/03/07 4:00pm 8/03/07 4:00pm

Unlike TV Counterpart, Homer Fridge Magnet Says Just One Funny Thing

And that is "Hey Buddy, mind if I lick that cap?" It's just over 10 inches tall, costs around $50 and it does what all useful fridge magnets should do - namely crack open a cold one with the minimum of fuss. Actually, I'll give it another one. "Hey, excuse me, but I've noticed that you've fallen behind with your… » 3/23/07 9:26am 3/23/07 9:26am

Homer Simpson Dashboard Toy

Not as sexy as a hula girl, this Homer Simpson dashboard toy critiques your driving in the typical Homer Simpson manner. The product page only lists a few sayings, which are mildly amusing but nothing too distracting. » 10/09/06 9:30pm 10/09/06 9:30pm