YouTube Comments Will Soon Be Less Racist, Homophobic, and Confusing

Ever read the comments on a popular YouTube video? There is no faster way to strip yourself of faith in humanity. It's a cesspool. And this is coming from someone who writes for the Gawker network. We know a little something about rowdy comments sections. YouTube's is worse, but it's finally about to smarten up. » 9/24/13 3:01pm 9/24/13 3:01pm

Shareholder Takeover Planned to Stop Microsoft's 'Homosexual Agenda'

According to evangelical pastor and former NFL linebacker Ken Hutcherson, Microsoft is totally gay. He is rallying his megachurch, which has 3,500 worshipers, to buy stocks in Microsoft to vote down their gay-friendly policies. He hopes to get homophobic dicks from all religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and… » 11/19/07 11:39am 11/19/07 11:39am

How to Get Banned from Commenting in One Easy Step

Come on people. We're trying to have civilized discussions here, so let's be on our best behavior. If you're curious as to what it takes to get a swift and brutal bonk on the head from the banhammer, former Gizmodo commenter God-Father was kind enough to sacrifice himself to show everyone how not to behave.
» 12/14/06 5:47pm 12/14/06 5:47pm

Oh my. I…