An unbreakable man somehow survived this insane 190 mph car crash

Oh my God. Look at this car violently tumble over and over and over again in a crash at a land speed event. The car is mutilated and destroyed and is hardly even recognizable as a vehicle anymore. It's horrific. It's awful. And it's completely unbelievable that the driver of the car, racer Brian Gillespie, survived… »11/21/13 8:40pm11/21/13 8:40pm


Honda Speedometer Changes Color When You Drive Crazy

As part of the Honda Ecological Drive System (HDAS) that will be included with the 2009 Honda Insight, drivers will be alerted to their driving habits by a color coded speedometer. When driving with a fuel efficient style, the speedometer goes green, indicating that you love the Earth etc. When some prick cuts you off… »11/26/08 6:30pm11/26/08 6:30pm