Hood.e Brings Speakers To Your Hoodie Hood

Tim Dubitsky's Hood.e concept was originally intended as a safer way for his nephew to walk to school and listen to music at the same time. Apparently, his route takes him across busy streets which could be dangerous for someone wearing earbuds or headphones. With the speakers embedded in the hood, users can ditch the… » 5/06/08 8:00pm 5/06/08 8:00pm

Burton Sleeper Hoodie Helps Snowbums Sleep Better

Danny at Gadget Lab got a hands on with the Burton Sleeper Hoodie, which they are calling the "Bestest Ever." The hoodie has the usual snowboard related essentials, such as hidden MP3 player/ticket/passport pockets and extended cuffs with thumbholes. But what makes this hoodie really stand out are the built in… » 10/24/07 7:17pm 10/24/07 7:17pm

LRG's Friday The 47th Hoodie Combines Warmth With Homicidal Tendencies

If you missed out on last year's Dead Serious hoodie that made every Karate Kid fanboy lose their shit, LRG is getting ready to drop another movie-inspired sweatshirt. The Friday The 47th hoodie flaunts Jason Voorhees as its muse, complete with dual chainsaws across the chest and a pullover hockey mask that's sewn… » 8/14/07 4:20pm 8/14/07 4:20pm