Dish Is Nuking Its Hopper DVR's Magical Ad-Skipping Feature for Disney

Dish's Hopper DVR is awesome precisely because it makes it so easy to skip ads. The WSJ reports that the company will be scaling back the awesome auto-skipping feature on some Disney programming. It seems that consumer choice Dish has been claiming to protect for years goes out the window, presumably when it gets a… » 3/03/14 6:25pm 3/03/14 6:25pm

You Can Record a Ridiculous 8 Shows at a Time with Dish's New DVR

Dish's Hopper, long the king of DVRs, just zoomed even farther ahead: it's introducing a new SuperJoey, an improved version of their client receivers to its main DVR the Hopper. The improvements? It'll be possible to record 8 shows at once. That's insane. DISH has also introduced a Wireless Joey along with the ability… » 1/06/14 2:02pm 1/06/14 2:02pm

Dish App Puts a Hopper DVR Directly Into LG Smart TVs

The DISH hopper is probably the slickest DVR that's ever been made. It's so good that big TV corporations like CBS are suing DISH over it. Well now the Hopper is going to be even more convenient for owners of LG Smart TVs because the new Dish App builds a Hopper directly into the TV. No external hardware necessary. » 1/05/14 7:44pm 1/05/14 7:44pm

Dish's Newest Hopper DVR Has Sling Built In and Can Wirelessly Transfer …

Dish, which introduce the king of DVRs last year, has updated the Hopper DVR to include Sling. Previously, using Sling with Hopper required an adapter. Now, you get to watch live and recorded TV from any tablet, smartphone and computer for free with Dish's Anywhere App. » 1/07/13 6:27pm 1/07/13 6:27pm

Kyosho Robo Hopper Helicopter Man: The Movie

The Kyosho Robo Hopper beats los pantalones off other similar flying toys like the RC Helicopter or the WowWee Dragonfly because it reminds us of a Japanese Inspector Gadget. Check the guy out in full motion as he whirls around a Japanese office space complete with snazzy Japanese soundtrack. Go Go Gadget Decapitation… » 11/27/07 2:15pm 11/27/07 2:15pm