Horizon, the App That Prevents Vertical Videos, Is Now On Android

Remember Horizon, the brilliant little iOS app that let you shoot horizontally-oriented videos no matter what angle you were holding your smartphone? It's finally available on Android, ensuring your Moto X isn't going to pollute YouTube with horrible portrait-oriented videos. Do the world a favor and download it,… »9/17/14 9:13am9/17/14 9:13am


Brilliant, Overdue App Forces Your Phone to Take Horizontal Videos

You can tell your friends and family they should be shooting videos horizontally all you want, but that won't stop them from capturing unwieldily vertical clips that are impossible to fullscreen on a computer. But there's finally a solution to this problem. Simply hide their default camera app—bury it deep in a folder… »1/15/14 11:20am1/15/14 11:20am

Symbian's Horizon App Publishing Platform Sounds Like a Rehab Clinic

Symbian's Horizon program works like a record label or book publisher, says Cnet. You submit an app—please make it a good one, since they have manually review it and they're "starting small"—and Symbian will make sure it's kosher and then push it to a bunch of phone app stores, like Noka's Ovi trainwreck. Good luck… »7/17/09 10:48am7/17/09 10:48am