Star Trek Car Air Horn: Proclaim Your Geekyness to the World at 118 dB

What geek can resist replacing their boring vehicle horn with a 5 trumpet Wolo 485 Star Trek Air Horn? With one push of a button, you can tell that dude who just cut you off to suck it with 118 dB of brain shattering power. The horns play the 5 most recognizable notes from the Star Trek theme — and hooking it up to… » 1/02/08 7:30pm 1/02/08 7:30pm

Bicycle Horn Honks at 115db - That's Jet Plane Loud

Ride a bike? Cars not giving you the respect you deserve? Add the Thunder Horn, the electronic bike horn that boops at 115 decibels. In comparison, a Jet Plane is 120db, a chainsaw is 115db, and a car horn is around 110db. Yes, this thing is slightly louder than a car horn. Take that, Nissan Sentra. [Brando via Pocket… » 8/01/07 4:30pm 8/01/07 4:30pm