Watching In the Mouth of Madness Too Many Times Might Actually Drive You Insane

In 1994, John Carpenter was several years removed from his last bona fide triumph—1988's They Live—but he still hadn’t given up. (He’d sorta do that the next year, with Village of the Damned). His mindfuck extravaganza In the Mouth of Madness borrows heavily from H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, but it’s also its own…

John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness Contains One of the Most Disturbing Depictions of Evil Ever

Prince of Darkness is one of John Carpenter’s weirdest films. Released in 1987 (between two cult favorites: 1986's Big Trouble in Little China and 1988's They Live), it’s overly high-concept and riddled with gaping plot holes. But damn, if it doesn’t depict evil in one of the most repulsive and scary ways ever.

The World Needs More Goofy, Gory B-Movie Monster Flicks Like Deep Rising

Stephen Sommers is best-known for directing the first two Mummy movies, but his breakout, Deep Rising, is well worthy of its own praise. Yes, it is a silly movie, and it bombed when it opened in 1998. But it’s a magical kind of silly that results when a killer B-movie premise meets an ensemble cast of random yet great…