Why the Muppets Need to Host the Oscars (Updated w/ Muppet Reply)

Don't try and pretend the Oscars isn't a snoozefest. "And the winner for best... ZZZZZZZZZ." With Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy officially out of the picture, it's time for the Academy to step up and hire the Muppets to host. » 11/09/11 5:56pm 11/09/11 5:56pm

Hand-Holding Robot Teaches Novice Surgeons to Move Like the Masters

It takes hundreds upon hundreds of practice hours for surgical students to develop the hand-eye coordination and muscle memory needed to handle complex operations. This new system aims to speed that process by literally holding the surgeon's hands. » 5/26/11 6:40pm 5/26/11 6:40pm

The First USB 3.0 Certified Device

You need the controllers before getting the goodies, and that's why this NEC xHCI host controller is the first USB 3.0-certified device. Good, because I need this USB 3.0 1080p camera, capable of capturing 60 raw, uncompressed frames per second: » 9/21/09 11:20am 9/21/09 11:20am

Discovery Channel Looking For a Host For "Super Testing" Show

Discovery Channel is looking for a host for their new Super Testing show. You've got to be male, and between the ages of 30 and 50, and enjoy blowing things up and testing them I'd assume. I'd guess the perfect future star is a reader of Giz. Why not an editor of Giz? I don't know, I think we're all too doughy. So,… » 8/02/08 12:47pm 8/02/08 12:47pm