Turkish Military Police Rescue Nine Girls Held Hostage in a Fake Big…

We all have opinions about the people on Big Brother-style TV shows. But spare a thought for nine girls who were duped into taking part in a fake show — then held captive while naked images of them were sold online. » 11/10/11 1:20pm 11/10/11 1:20pm

Dutch Hacker Holds Jailbroken iPhones Hostage For €5 Ransom While…

Many of us have jailbroken our iPhones, but did everyone remember to change the default root password? Those guilty of that oversight are vulnerable to the simple intrusion method this guy used to hold iPhones hostage in the Netherlands. » 11/02/09 8:23pm 11/02/09 8:23pm

Defenseless Elderly Woman Held Hostage by Maniacal Scooter

As predicted by Battlestar Galactica, machines are beginning their takeover. An elderly woman in Cornwall, England was seated peacefully on her supposedly-helpful scooter when the iron-hearted machine forcefully drove her onto a highway without permission. » 4/04/09 6:45pm 4/04/09 6:45pm

President of Sony France Being Held Hostage By Plant Workers

311 French workers detained the president of Sony France because their plant is closing on April 17. Apparently, that decision didn't sit quite well with them. [Brisbane Times via Engadget] » 3/13/09 7:13pm 3/13/09 7:13pm

Guy Robs Store, Claims Only PS3 Can Save His Family

The criminal of the week award goes to a man who held up an EB Games at gunpoint and demanded a PS3. Why only a PS3 and not, you know, money? Because according to him, his family was being held hostage and the only way he could save them was with a PS3. He then followed it up by running out of the store, but not… » 8/15/08 2:30pm 8/15/08 2:30pm