Hostel Microsoft: Where Sandals Must Be Worn In Showers Due to the…

Just near "Badarad Britcolony" in India, Hostel Microsoft is opening up this weekend. Expect bars of soap carved in the shape of Windows logos, and nothing but clouds to byte at the included breakfast. [DeveloperPanda via TechCrunch] » 12/30/10 4:40am 12/30/10 4:40am

IKEA Opens Free Hostel, If You Consider Sleeping in IKEA "Free"

The Ikea in Oslo is opening up a free hostel for shoppers who want to continue the clusterfuck that is the Ikea shopping experience for day two. 30 participants will get free dinner, breakfast and the joy of sleeping on dormitory-style beds. Plus, shoppers keep the sheets (good call), a bathrobe and slippers, too. For… » 7/29/07 12:23pm 7/29/07 12:23pm