KFC's Double Down hot dog is a sausage wrapped in a fried chicken bun

Here is proof that there's always more horrifying Frankenfood left to be invented and more stomachs to destroy with fast food: the Double Down hot dog. It's KFC's take on a hot dog only instead of using a regular hot dog bun, KFC is whipping out a bun made with fried chicken. It looks ridiculous. »1/26/15 9:30pm1/26/15 9:30pm


Behind the Scenes at the San Francisco 49ers’ New High Tech Stadium

Candlestick's out and Levi's Stadium has been officially christened as the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. The brand-spanking-new site is all kinds of wired up and ready to receive upwards of 70,000 smartphone-wielding fans. I went behind the scenes to see how the tech has come together. Are you ready for… »9/05/14 2:00pm9/05/14 2:00pm

How Hot Dogs Are Made and What's Actually Inside

After the steaks, chops, breasts, ribs, thighs, hams, tenderloins and briskets are removed, there's a fair amount of gristle, fat and offal remaining on a butchered animal, and early on, people realized this could be put to good use. One of these products is the hot dog, a classic of pre-cooked, processed meat. »7/04/14 11:00am7/04/14 11:00am

Twist Up a Spiral Dog With the Cyclone Weiner Slicer

Tornado hot dogs are the biggest thing since spiral cut ham on sliced bread. By carving a groove into the link around a meaty central core, the dog not only cooks faster with crispy edges but it also holds more condiments and prevents them from slopping out with each bite. The Cyclone hot dog slicer prepares these… »7/09/13 7:00pm7/09/13 7:00pm

Chefs of the World Rejoice: Your Days of Painstakingly Dicing Hot Dogs Are Over

Do you hear that? That cheering off in the distance? That's the sound of a million amateur chefs celebrating the fact that they no longer have to spend several minutes dicing hot dogs for their casseroles, easy meatloaf, or awful jello moulds. Because the Dog Dicer can turn a hot dog into a pile of diced processed… »4/04/13 9:40am4/04/13 9:40am

4-in-1 Hot Dog Cooker Makes Fatties Jiggle With Excitement

I love convergence when it comes to gadgets—especially when food is involved. If you agree, feast your eyes on this 4-in-1 Hot Dog Maker. As the name implies, it will cook your hot dogs—but it doesn't stop there. It can also make popcorn, boil eggs, warm your buns, and steam your foodstuffs. Are you clutching your… »2/11/08 8:40pm2/11/08 8:40pm