What Could Be More Relaxing Than a Hot Tub Surrounded By Fire?

Combining the backyard pastimes of hot tubs and fire pits, Cal Spas has created the Cal Flame R-Elements: a hot tub that surrounds those inside with a series of small butane fire pits. Because as anyone who's ever escaped a burning building will tell you, there's nothing more exciting than being surrounded by fire. »4/04/13 2:40pm4/04/13 2:40pm

Homemade Aussie Hot Tub Could Kick Your Hot Tub's Ass

This is how they do hot tubs down under. This homemade contraption was built using a large storage container, an LP gas bottle, stainless steel tubing, polystyrene packing material, and some corrugated iron. You can spend however much you want on a hot tub with a built-in HDTV or 1,500 jets or whatever, but it still… »11/27/07 11:05am11/27/07 11:05am