What Could Be More Relaxing Than a Hot Tub Surrounded By Fire?

Combining the backyard pastimes of hot tubs and fire pits, Cal Spas has created the Cal Flame R-Elements: a hot tub that surrounds those inside with a series of small butane fire pits. Because as anyone who's ever escaped a burning building will tell you, there's nothing more exciting than being surrounded by fire. » 4/04/13 2:40pm 4/04/13 2:40pm

Nothing Will Ever Be As Relaxing As Cruising in a Hot Tub Tug Boat

Cruise lines will keep spending billions of dollars on ocean-going monstrosities that promise to be the most relaxing way to spend your vacation. But they can't hold a candle to this tiny seaworthy hot tub that's warmed with a simple wood burning stove and propelled with a quiet electric motor. » 10/02/12 12:27pm 10/02/12 12:27pm

Homemade Aussie Hot Tub Could Kick Your Hot Tub's Ass

This is how they do hot tubs down under. This homemade contraption was built using a large storage container, an LP gas bottle, stainless steel tubing, polystyrene packing material, and some corrugated iron. You can spend however much you want on a hot tub with a built-in HDTV or 1,500 jets or whatever, but it still… » 11/27/07 11:05am 11/27/07 11:05am

LCD-Equipped Hot Tub Goes for the Subtle Luxuries

We've certainly seen some ludicrous hot tubs with gigantic TVs attached before, but this "Extreme Spa" seems to be gunning for nuance rather than hitting you over the head with a gigantic screen. It's got a modest 17-inch LCD screen installed which is connected to a Sony sound system, Boss controls, and a DVD player.… » 10/31/07 9:35am 10/31/07 9:35am