Microsoft Will Leave Email Snooping Up to the Authorities Now

After last week's uproar over Microsoft's 2012 snooping in a blogger's Hotmail account, the company says it will no longer perform its own email snooping in criminal cases. In an official blog post today, Microsoft Executive Vice President Brad Smith said that, effective immediately, when investigations occur, "we… »3/28/14 5:53pm3/28/14 5:53pm

Microsoft Blames 16-Hour Email Outage on an Overheating Data Center

Microsoft's email service suffered a massive 16-hour outage yesterday, which saw users unable to access parts of SkyDrive, Hotmail, and Outlook, too. Microsoft has revealed that it was a result of a mischievous firmware upgrade—which caused "a rapid and substantial temperature spike in the datacenter". »3/14/13 4:31am3/14/13 4:31am

Go Get Your @Outlook Email Address Quick Before Someone Else Does

The new Hotmail is here, and with it comes a whole new domain to colonize. That means it's time to act quickly to get Certain members of our staff with very very common names—not saying who—have scored in the Outlook landgrab. GOGOGOGOGO before it's too late! Protip: We've had… »7/31/12 12:40pm7/31/12 12:40pm

Hotmail App For Kindle Fire Arrives, For Those Clinging to The 1990s

Microsoft has just released a free Hotmail app to the Amazon Appstore, claiming to have optimized its existing Android app for the Fire. No doubt it probably works better that the Fires's native email client, which is tolerable at best. What I want to know, though, is who the hell is still using Hotmail? What is this,… »1/25/12 4:12am1/25/12 4:12am

Hotmail Users Banned From Setting "Password" and "Ilovecats" As Passwords

Obvious passwords such as "password," "123456" and "ilovecats" have been put on the blacklist by Microsoft for new Hotmail users, in a mammoth attempt at curbing hacking. This may be a ban that rolls onto existing users, so if anyone out there still uses Hotmail, a.) wtf are you thinking? and b.) change it before… »7/15/11 12:21pm7/15/11 12:21pm