Now Even Thirsty Houseplants Demand Attention With DIY Twitter Kit

Back in February we showed you a slightly botched-together system » 10/29/08 6:33am 10/29/08 6:33am that lets your houseplants Twitter, but now there's a complete kit available. After soldering it together, you simply shove it deep into your plant's pot, connect it up to with an ethernet cable, and when its moisture sensors detect that you've been a…

Fake Pot Plants: There Goes the Neighborhood

Get a rise out of the neighbors with these fake pot plants, made out of realistic-looking silk by pro-pot activist Joseph White. They even have buds on them. White's New Image Plants offers a variety of sizes from 2 feet to 6 feet, and you can order them as hemp plants without buds, or as marijuana plants with… » 8/01/06 10:29am 8/01/06 10:29am