Gawker Media’s SecureDrop Is Up and Running Again

A quick announcement: Gawker Media’s anonymous SecureDrop portal, which went down for a few days as we moved the server into our new office, is up and running again. If you have information or stories to share with any of Gawker Media’s sites—and want to remain as anonymous as possible—SecureDrop is for you. Detailed… »8/03/15 3:07pm8/03/15 3:07pm


Black Ninja Monday is When the Commenter Trolls Get Their Due

Several star commenters have noted recently that the troll factor is rising again. This post is reminder that all comments wasting words and the comment moderator's time wondering about such issues as "why does gizmodo love/hate/get paid by company XYZ?" may result in zero warnings and then a ban. And whatever happens… »3/12/10 9:25pm3/12/10 9:25pm

Eye-Vac Pro Is Like Paraplegic Roomba, or the Sarlacc of Dust

I couldn't decide which comparison I liked more, but in either case you get it: Eye-Vac Pro is a 1200-watt stationary vacuum, an infrared-equipped all-seeing dustbin that sucks up the rubbish you sweep close enough to its maw. It's got a HEPA filter for clean air return and a "full" indicator, which means that no, I… »12/20/07 12:11pm12/20/07 12:11pm