Solar Powered "Sticker Lamps" Offer Paper-Thin Illumination

A 26 year old designer by the name of Keikko Lee has won South Korea's first ever international design competition thanks to his new take on interior lighting. Her concept involves a paper-thin "lamp" with electroluminescent material on one side and solar panels and sensors on the other. The material would be able to… »10/27/08 6:10pm10/27/08 6:10pm


Badkamer: Save Bathroom Space With Fixtures That Slide on Rails

In a dwelling where space saving is of the utmost importance, the Badkamer concept could make a tremendous difference in a small bathroom. Essentially, the design would allow users to slide their fixtures out of the way on an abacus-like rail system that doubles as plumbing. Only the toilet would have to remain… »6/24/08 5:50pm6/24/08 5:50pm

"See Me TV" Security Cam Mirrors: They Will Only Think You Are a Pervert

Install one of these "See Me TV" Security Cam mirrors in your home and give your guests something to think about on their next trip to the bathroom. Naturally, there is no actual camera in the mirror, but something tells me that visitors won't find the "Big Brother" message all that amusing at first—and neither will… »5/25/08 5:00pm5/25/08 5:00pm