Report: The New President of Sony Is Kaz Hirai, the Boss of Playstation

Nikkei is reporting that Kaz Hirai will finally be promoted to President of Sony (in April). If you remember, Hirai has been the Playstation boss for quite some time and was rumored to be in talks of becoming President as far back as November 2010. Sony sure took its time with this one. » 1/06/12 1:03pm 1/06/12 1:03pm

The Slow, Painful Decline of Sony: A Tale Told in Three Microcosms

We love Sony, even if its products are sometimes outrageously overpriced, impractical or downright unnecessary. The company experiments with ideas and has some of the best engineers to make them reality. But as Businessweek's profile of the company points out, that's not always great for the long term health of a… » 11/18/11 11:41am 11/18/11 11:41am

Sony Sets the New Metric For Success

Following today's Google I/O keynote, Sony CEO Howard Stringer mentioned that Sony's Xperia X10 was dominating the iPhone in Japan. When Eric Schmidt reminded him that "Google doesn't dominate," Stringer responded with this, some weird opposite of a backhanded compliment. » 5/20/10 2:00pm 5/20/10 2:00pm

Sir Howard Stringer Is Sony Ericsson's New Chairman of the Board

Howard Stringer hasn't managed to tame the 1000-armed octopus that is Sony just yet, but we like the man's way of thinking. And being named Sony Ericsson's new Chairmen of the Board (starting October 15th) certainly can't hurt the Ericsson end of things. Neither can Sony Ericsson's new chief. [Sony Ericsson] » 8/17/09 11:37am 8/17/09 11:37am

New Sony Ericsson Chief Is Ready to Make the Hard Obvious Choices…

Why should you care that Sony Ericsson, which has been in all kinds of restructuring turmoil for months, has had its Chief Executive replaced? Because the new guy, Bert Nordberg, has some practical, but distinctly un-Sony-Ericsson-like views on smartphones: » 8/17/09 9:10am 8/17/09 9:10am

Sony Boss Not Terribly Impressed By Activision PS3 Threats

When the largest game publisher in the world threatens to stop making games for your console, what do you do? Do you negotiate, as was their obvious goal? Or do you sarcastically poke fun at their CEO? Ah, right. » 7/08/09 4:42am 7/08/09 4:42am

Why Sony's Howard Stringer Has One of the Hardest Jobs in the World

Fortune's profile-cum-appraisal of Howard Stringer and his efforts to reform Sony paints a fairly bleak picture. Stringer's got some solid ideas, but implementing them sounds like a nightmare, and the future—even in his hopeful forecast—is alarmingly hazy. » 6/26/09 6:59am 6/26/09 6:59am