Lovecraft Country Is One of the Most Thrilling Books of the Year

Imagine that you’re driving home, and a cop pulls you over for no reason. He begins to search your car and finds a stash of rare science fiction books, including an Edgar Rice Burroughs first edition, giftwrapped for your uncle. The cop proceeds to mess up these books, while laughing at the title of A Princess of Mars.

Watching In the Mouth of Madness Too Many Times Might Actually Drive You Insane

In 1994, John Carpenter was several years removed from his last bona fide triumph—1988's They Live—but he still hadn’t given up. (He’d sorta do that the next year, with Village of the Damned). His mindfuck extravaganza In the Mouth of Madness borrows heavily from H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, but it’s also its own…