WebOS 2.0 Coming Later This Year, HP's Windows 7 Slate To Be An…

Some interesting news from Fortune's Brainstorm conference: HP VP Todd Bradley says that the company's Windows 7-running tablet, the one Steve Ballmer showed off at CES, will not be a consumer-focused product. But webOS 2.0 is arriving later this year. » 7/22/10 6:13pm 7/22/10 6:13pm

HP webOS Tablet Will Use a Digital Pen

More information is coming out about HP's webOS tablet. Yesterday we learned it may be called PalmPad, and today it seems that the tablet's screen will recognize a digital pen. That's added functionality, right there, and an important iPad differentiator. » 7/20/10 12:03pm 7/20/10 12:03pm