Leaked Look at Palm's Tablet Contender: Is This the PalmPad?

Fox News is reporting that that these spec sheets are the first look at Palm's rumored webOS tablet, PalmPad. Apparently at CES we'll see not just one but three versions of the slates, which will run on Sprint's 4G network. » 12/21/10 1:40pm 12/21/10 1:40pm

WebOS 2.0 Coming Later This Year, HP's Windows 7 Slate To Be An…

Some interesting news from Fortune's Brainstorm conference: HP VP Todd Bradley says that the company's Windows 7-running tablet, the one Steve Ballmer showed off at CES, will not be a consumer-focused product. But webOS 2.0 is arriving later this year. » 7/22/10 6:13pm 7/22/10 6:13pm

HP webOS Tablet Will Use a Digital Pen

More information is coming out about HP's webOS tablet. Yesterday we learned it may be called PalmPad, and today it seems that the tablet's screen will recognize a digital pen. That's added functionality, right there, and an important iPad differentiator. » 7/20/10 12:03pm 7/20/10 12:03pm