HP Reportedly Tells Employees webOS Tablet On Track For Q1 2011

Ever since HP's acquisition of Palm was announced in April, everyone's been clamoring about a webOS tablet. It could be very cool! And according to Engadget, Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley told HP employees that just such a product, codenamed Hurricane, was on track for the first quarter of 2011. Could the … »8/10/10 3:05pm8/10/10 3:05pm

HP Slate 500's Leaked Specs Confirmed On HP's Own Site

Several of the HP Slate 500's leaked specs have been confirmed today, including that it will run Windows 7 Premium, sports an 8.9-inch touch screen, has a 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM, and that it has two cameras—video and still. New: it's Energy Star certified. Still unconfirmed: whether it's capacitive touch,… »7/20/10 9:43pm7/20/10 9:43pm