The Full List of HTC Android Phones Getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream…

If you have an HTC Android phone, you're probably wondering where your Ice Cream Sandwich is. And though Android 4.0 ICS remains an elusive treat for most Android users, it's gotta be a little comforting to know that the update will eventually come to your phone, right? Well, if you have these HTC phones slated to get… » 3/14/12 11:34am 3/14/12 11:34am

HTC's Next Android Phone Leaks Out in a Series of Photos

Today, photos of HTC's rumored flagship phone leaked to Engadget after it was spotted in Taipei on a crowded train platform (picture below the jump.) We received another shot of the phone ourselves, with the tipster calling it the "Saga." » 1/27/11 6:40am 1/27/11 6:40am

20 Upcoming HTC Android Devices Mentioned in Leaked ROM

Nestled in the leaked Android 2.1 ROM, 20 new devices are mentioned by name—including those we knew of already (Dragon, Dream, Hero and Passion) but some new friends too, Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Sapphire and… » 12/03/09 9:50am 12/03/09 9:50am

How the Hell Is HTC Hurting Right Now?

Endless hardware rumors. A dedicated fanbase. The best Android phones around. How is it that HTC, a company that people actually like, and which looks like it's doing so well from where we all stand, is hemorrhaging profit? » 10/07/09 8:20pm 10/07/09 8:20pm

2009 Hasn't Been So Great for HTC (Wait, What?)

By most measures, HTC looks like a company that should be cleaning up: they own the market for Android phones, the press watches their every move, and they've got popular handsets on nearly every carrier. So what's all this about? » 8/03/09 9:26am 8/03/09 9:26am

Rumor: Existing Android Phones Won't Get HTC's "Sense" UI For Lame…

That HTC's "Sense" interface would run on older hardware was known for months before its official announcement, so a sanctioned update for existing phones makes sense, right? Turns out, there might be an extremely annoying barrier standing in HTC's way. » 6/26/09 5:55am 6/26/09 5:55am

HTC Shipping At Least Two More Android Phones This Year

That's what CEO Peter Chou told attendees of a tech conference in Taipei, signaling that, beyond the Magic, the company has a few more tricks up its sleeve in '09. But what? » 3/17/09 6:58am 3/17/09 6:58am