HTC's Facebook Phone Isn't a Facebook Phone In China

Announced alongside the HTC Status, the full touchscreen handset known as Salsa in Europe has been given a Chinese once-over, ditching the Facebook logo and baked-in features for Weibo support, which is China's version of Twitter. [SinaTech via Buzzom via MicGadget] » 7/25/11 7:40am 7/25/11 7:40am

HTC's Facebook Phones Live! Kidz, Meet the ChaCha and Salsa

So HTC was building Facebook phones—though they're not billing them as that, despite the oddly-placed Facebook badges. Without a shadow of doubt crossing Vladimir Putin's face, the ChaCha and Salsa (need I say more?) are aimed at the "youth." » 2/15/11 2:24am 2/15/11 2:24am