HTC Diamond To Lose its Crinkles, Get Smooth Back-Side, Codename Victor

The HTC Diamond isn't even out yet in the US, but a leaked photo shown over at BoyGeniusReports seems to show that HTC is planning a new version that doesn't have the Diamond's trademark crinkly, angular shape. The smooth-sided, round-reared phone is dubbed "Victor" apparently, and seems to be in every function… » 7/17/08 9:30am 7/17/08 9:30am

Verizon and Sprint Both Getting Blessed With HTC Touch Pro and Diamond

If you're craving HTC's Diamond or Touch Pro (aka Raphael) it looks you're going be satisfied no matter what carrier you're on. Phone Arena says the CDMA flavors of both will hit Sprint AND Verizon, so there's no need to bounce to another carrier to get your hands on one. No word on the dates. In a side note, Moto's… » 6/30/08 8:01pm 6/30/08 8:01pm

HTC Diamond Has Ultra-High Density Display

The first "official" photos and specs for the HTC Diamond have been leaked, complete with a 2.8-inch 640 x 480 pixel screen (twice the lines of the iPhone in smaller surface,) Windows Mobile 6.1 and 3G connectivity. Could this be the most important product of the year HTC said it would reveal in London on Tuesday? The… » 5/03/08 6:00pm 5/03/08 6:00pm

HTC Launching Most Important Product of the Year Next Month

The Taipei times quotes HTC's own financial executive Cheng Hui-ming at an investor's conference as saying they will launch "the most important product for HTC this year" at an event on May 6. Cheng wasn't too forthcoming with details, but it seems like it's going to be a "Touch" phone—as in one of the HTC Touch models » 4/29/08 12:40pm 4/29/08 12:40pm