HTC Evo Getting Minor Software Update Next Week?

A Sprint source has leaked to BGR that the HTC Evo will mostly likely be getting a software update on June 28th. The update would bring improved Wi-Fi (802.11n, we're guessing), fix Exchange issues and repair a battery-draining problem with the official Facebook app. Why Sprint continues to have their Nascar app run… » 6/24/10 11:50am 6/24/10 11:50am

HTC EVO 4G Pushes Palm Pre Off Sprint's Launch Day Sales Pedestal

News just in—the HTC EVO 4G has officially been more loved on launch day than the Palm Pre. While queues were around the block for many Sprint stores selling the webOS phone last June, it wasn't any match for the HTC EVO 4G. Friday saw the most sales for any one phone sold at Sprint in one day—in fact, there were… » 6/07/10 2:44am 6/07/10 2:44am