T-Mobile G1 Now Shipping with 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

I know, it's just salt in the wound for those of you with G1s in the audience. But for all you procrastinators out there, today is your day. The G1, with its solitary mini USB port, hasn't been the most headphone-friendly device. Now it's prepackaged with a 3.5mm headphone adapter and everything is rainbows and… » 11/20/08 8:50am 11/20/08 8:50am

Google Seals Up Android 'Jailbreak' in Automatic Update

It only took Google about three days to recognize, examine and fix the vulnerability that allowed Android phones to be 'jailbroken' » 11/07/08 5:15am 11/07/08 5:15am, and users should see the fix (update RC30) pushed to their phones over the air during the next few days. From the mouth of the Google: So what do Android users stand to lose from this…

EA Waiting to Release Android Games Until It Can Charge for Them

While Namco jumped headfirst into the Android Market by giving away Pac-Man, EA Games is going to sit out for the time being, at least until there's a billing system in place for apps in the Android Market: "EA will support the Android platform...but has elected to wait for the launch of a content billing solution to… » 9/30/08 6:00pm 9/30/08 6:00pm

Question of the Day: Is No Desktop Syncing Good or Bad For Android?

One of the most puzzling announcements to come out of the release of the T-Mobile G1 was the fact that there would be no desktop app to sync your data. While you will be able to sync you contacts and calendar info remotely (at no cost) out of the box, you must submit to storing all of the data on your Google account.… » 9/25/08 5:00pm 9/25/08 5:00pm

Question of the Day: Have You Changed Your Mind About Android and the G1?

After yesterday's information explosion covering the good, the bad and the ugly » 9/24/08 5:40pm 9/24/08 5:40pm about Android and the T-Mobile G1, I can't help but wonder whether or not public perception of the platform and its first phone has changed. Are you more excited, less excited, or have your feelings remained the same? Did you even care in…

Unlocking the T-Mobile G1: The Definitive Word

One of the G1's five most obnoxious flaws » 9/24/08 1:55pm 9/24/08 1:55pm (okay, there were more than five) is that it's locked to T-Mobile, which seems antithetical to the whole openness deal. Since T-Mobile is subsidizing the phone so heavily, it originally sounded like T-Mobile's usual unlock policy wouldn't apply, and a spokesperson wasn't sure…

T-Mobile G1 Sized-Up Against its Competitors

Here's the HTC G1 » 9/23/08 10:45am 9/23/08 10:45am (a.k.a. Dream) sized up against the iPhone and HTC's Touch Pro: it's a kinda half-way house between them both. It's narrower, but taller and fatter—thanks to the slide-out keyboard—and lacks the deftly curved shape of the iPhone 3G, but it's a shade skinner than the Touch Pro. Looks it'd fit pretty…

T-Mobile Android Event Live Coverage Starts Now

We're here underneath the picturesque Queensboro bridge at T-Mobile's official G1 launch event. We're the first ones on the scene, and the liveblog's kicking off over at live.gizmodo.com » 9/23/08 9:12am 9/23/08 9:12am. Be sure to pop over there—it'll do all of the auto-refresh clicky-clicky for you, so sit back, we've got everything covered. Hit us…

Amazon MP3 Store is Preloaded On HTC G1, 6 Million DRM Free Songs

Amazon's just officially announced that the Amazon MP3 Store will come pre-loaded on the HTC G1 Android phone. It's a special optimized version of the store which lets T-Mobile G1 users "search, download, buy and play music from Amazon MP3." That means six million DRM free songs from major and independent labels will… » 9/23/08 8:50am 9/23/08 8:50am

T-Mobile G1 With Google Website Is Live

Jumping the gun a bit, the official site for T-Mobile's—and the world's—first Android phone is live. That "heavy Google branding" we heard about » 9/22/08 10:15pm 9/22/08 10:15pm is in full play: HTC's Dream is billed as the "T-Mobile G1 with Google." They're using a neon green jelly font, kind of cool. Most of the site is walled off until tomorrow's…

Five Reasons to Be Super Psyched About Android (and Five Not to Be)

The launch of Android is the most important event in mobile phones since the release of the iPhone. It could actually be more important, in the long run. Even if it doesn't exceed Google's wildest dreams to become a ubiquitous mobile platform, it's sure to re-stoke innovation in mobile phones as platforms slug it out… » 9/20/08 12:00pm 9/20/08 12:00pm